Lectionary Year A, the year of Saint Matthew (2016-2017)

Saint Matthew the Evangelist

Saint Matthew the Evangelist

Lectionary Year A, Saint Matthew the Evangelist

Narrative—Birth and Beginnings (1:1—4:22): The opening passage of the “family record of Jesus Christ” is listed for the Christmas VigilMass. Other passages from this section naturally find their places around this great feast—in Advent and on the three festal Sundays of the Christmas season. Because of its nature as a beginnings-of-ministry section, passages from it also appear on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time and on the First Sunday of Lent. These introductory chapters clearly link two major topics of the gospel that will be woven throughout the coming chapters: Jesus as the Christ and the kingdom of God.

Sermon—On the Mount (4:23—7:29): We proclaim portions of this on most of the Sundays of winter Ordinary Time (Sundays 4—9)

Narrative—Authority and Invitation (chapters 8 and 9): (Sundays 10—11)

Sermon—On Mission (chapter 10): We hear two portions of this section when we resume the semi-continuous reading on the 12th and 13th Sundays.

Narrative—Rejection by This Generation (chapters 11 and 12): One pericope from here falls in Advent (Sunday 3, about John the Baptist’s followers) and another on Sunday 14.

Sermon—Parables of the Kingdom (13:1-52): We hear from this central section on Sundays 15—17).

Narrative—Acknowledgment by Disciples (13:53—17:27): We spend Sundays 18—22 (and the Second Sunday of Lent) with this narrative.

Sermon—Community Discourse (chapter 18): Sundays 23 and 24 are graced with these words.

Narrative—Authority and Invitation (Chapters 19—22): We hear from this on six Sundays (25—30) of autumn. Because the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is described in this section, we hear from it on Passion (Palm) Sunday as well.

Sermon—Woes and Eschatological Discourse (chapters 23, 24, 25): Fittingly enough, we hear of the end-time from the end of October throughout November. Given the eschatological nature of early Advent, we hear of the end-time on the First Sunday of Advent in Year A.

Narrative—Death and Rebirth (chapters 26, 27, 28): Naturally enough, the church draws from here on Passion (Palm) Sunday, at the Easter Vigil and on Ascension.

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