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recognized him in breaking breadEASTER The Great Fifty Days

And we, too, like the walkers going to Emmaus (video), recognize Jesus at the Breaking of the Bread, the Eucharist, the Holy Mass, and we welcome him into our hearts in Holy Communion.

During these Fifty Days we contemplate our gradual awakening to the presence of Jesus.

The season of Easter begins on Easter Sunday, the last day of the Sacred Paschal Triduum and lasts through the fiftieth day, Pentecost (2 minute video).

What is Easter? Here we have some history and FAQ.

The Scriptures of the season have a special order. The first reading at Sunday Mass is not from the Old Testament, but from the Acts of the Apostles. The second reading this year, Year B, is from the First Letter of Johnr. The Gospel reading is from the Gospel according to Saint John.

Learn more about the Great Fifty Days.

What are some customs for home and family to keep the Easter spirit alive?

Ever wondered how relevant all our ancient Easter tunes and texts could be in the 21st century? Listen to the medieval Easter Sequence that we hear at Mass every Easter Sunday. Here it is arranged for meditative prayer. Listen to a contemporary version, and now another. Finally, let the Sequence knock your socks off! All beautiful, moving, evidence that the Christ of long ago is very much alive for us today. We live in the love of Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever.

What does the Easter season sound like at Saint Jude Church?

1. Entrance Antiphon with the Paschal Alleluia refrain
2.  Gloria from Mass of Saint Paul the Apostle
3. Michael Joncas setting of Psalm 118
4. The Celtic Alleluia
5. Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations from Mass of Saint Paul the Apostle
Holy (Sanctus), /  Save Us, Savior, /  Great Amen
6. The Jesus, Lamb of God from the Psallite Mass
7. Halle, Halle, Halle

Here are some of our parish’s Easter hymns:

Listen and sing: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today.
Read about this hymn.

Listen and join in on the alleluias: O Sons and Daughters.
Read about this hymn.

Listen to: We Walk by Faith

Watch the original Serbian language video of: Christ Is Arisen, Joy He Has Given.
Here’s our English version. Why not use this to sing along with the video?

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