Liturgy Rite At Home

Rite at Home: St. Jude’s Liturgical Customs


Seasonal Customs

Preparation of the Altar and the Gifts
How we prepare the altar and the gifts and what it means for the parishioners of Saint Jude.

The Jubilee Hymn: Te Deum
The Te Deum is the great Christian hymn of Thanksgiving. It was sung after great victories or after delivery from catastrophe. It is sung in the Office of Readings of the Liturgy of the Hours. It is the hymn for the ending of every year, a celebration of the Holy Trinity.

Celebrating What the Rites Have Taught Me
“Christ stands among us, waiting with everlasting love for us to come back every time we break our promise. He stands there to remind us that the covenant he seals with us stands firm, no matter how often we turn our backs on him…”

Celebrating Evening Prayer In Your Parish
What Evening Prayer is all about, where to find it, and what it looks like.

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