Shared Faith

Shared Faith

Shared Faith Communities encourage members to a celebration of God’s gift of faith in their lives. As members read & pray the Sunday Scriptures, they are led to a deeper appreciation of the Word and the Sacramental life of the Church. They often are given a stronger prayer life, a sense of community and support to one another, and they become more involved in the ministry of the Church. SFCs strengthen their members to become more active parishioners with a sense of commitment to the community.
SFCs take their direction from the Pastor. An SFC coordinator works with a core team of 8 to 12 parishioners who plan how to make the SFCs a reality in the parish. The core team is a task-oriented body, that meets four or more times per year to insure that the SFCs are viable spiritual assets to St. Jude’s Church.

Shared Faith Communities are connected to the core team and the parish through pastoral facilitators. Pastoral facilitators are trained by the coordinator and the core team to be caregivers and leaders of the groups. Four times a year the facilitators meet with the core team to keep the vision before them and to share ideas on how to continue to guide the small groups so that the SFC does not become elitist, self-serving, isolated or disconnected from the larger parish community. All parishioners are invited to become members of an SFC.

At different times during the year a Newcomers’ Night is held in the parish hall. Invitations are extended to the parish, to participants who have completed a Christ Renews His Parish Experience, to newly initiated members of the Church and to those who have completed an adult education series. Members of SFCs and the core team prepare an evening designed to give information about SFCs, lead the group in shared reflection and prayer, and invite those who are intersted to meet again to form a new group of 8 to 10 members.

At this point a member of the core team assists in the training and formation of the new group. The core team member meets with the new group for the first six weeks. During this time they are learning about the SFC movement in the parish, the responsibilities of the group, the resources to be used and the process itself. This provides the members of the group with a good background and develops a level of comfort with the procedure. Each meeting uses readings from the coming Sunday of the liturgical year for the reflections and prayer.

What is the Shared Faith Community? Is it a Bible study?

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