2017 St. Jude Stewardship Report

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We strive to preach and live the message of Gospel Stewardship, which invites followers of Jesus Christ to give intentional and proportional gifts of time, talent, and treasure in service to the parish community.

“Saint Jude is a Stewardship parish.” As a parish, we have repeated these words often, but do we really know what being a “Stewardship parish” means? How does this affect our church and school? How does this way of being enter into everything we do?

Because we have faith in God first, it allows us to give courageously while trusting in Him that our needs will be met. This is the way of life that we are called to as individuals and as a parish.

Please read the 2 articles below. In “A History of Stewardship at St. Jude Parish,” we are starting at the beginning and educating everyone on the path that St. Jude took in becoming a Stewardship parish and how that affected our outlook and way of life. In “A 20 Year Leap In Faith,” parishioner Kevin Hartman writes about his reaction as the president of the Athletic Committee when Father Bill suggested that the committee eliminate it’s fundraising.

A History of Stewardship at St. Jude Parish

A 20 Year Leap In Faith

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