About Us

About Us

Established in March 1929 as Sharon Terrace School, the school began with about 100 students.sunthuarch Soon the word got out about the small school with big aspirations – providing children a top-notch education with a focus on faith formation. By the next fall, enrollment tripled at what was now St. Jude Catholic School.

Today, St. Jude is home to almost 600 students, with an emphasis placed on individualized and personal instruction. The beauty of the original Spanish-style building remains intact, while upgrades ensure that students keep pace with the latest technology. Students are encouraged to work to their potential in all areas of life.  But, our primary mission is to facilitate the children’s growth in faith.

At every level, students are given the opportunity to excel. We offer Spanish classes for our junior high students and have an award-winning fine arts program, which includes drama, music and art. Students have the chance to play sports and join an array of extracurricular activities. After-school care is also available on-site.

At every activity and class, an emphasis is placed on conduct, personal accountability and faith. After all, we’re not just teaching kids, we’re helping to develop the next generation of leaders, innovators and involved citizens.

Students of St. Jude attend Holy Mass twice every week.  Additionally, they are prepared to receive the sacraments, learn the stories of the Bible, instructed in the ways of prayer, and grow in their faith.

St. Jude stands apart from other schools for many reasons – our focus on academic excellence, dedication to the arts, highly-qualified faculty, committed staff and an over-riding commitment to the Catholic faith. All of this contributes to the fact that we believe that St. Jude is a family, not just a school. The St. Jude community is a family united by faith and education. Generations of families continue to enroll at St. Jude, while new families are welcomed with open arms. Parents are involved, children are nurtured, teachers are committed and the entire community is supportive of the school. This is the spirit behind St. Jude School.