Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees



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Pre-school Tuition

The program is in session from September through May. The St. Jude Tuition Assistance Program does not apply to the Preschool tuition and fees.

Preschool (3 yr. old) & Pre-K (4 yr. old)

Program Half Day Full Day  
 Preschool (3yr. old)  $800  $1400  
 Pre-K (4 yr. old)  $1100  $2000  



Elementary School Tuition for St. Jude Parishioners

Definition:  A St. Jude Parishioner is a family which is registered in the parish (at least six months prior to the start of school), attends Mass at St. Jude Church on a regular basis, and uses the weekly envelopes for parish support regularly.

Children in Grades K – 8 :

  Total For Education Parish Subsidy You Pay For Tuition    
1 child $5,280 $990 $4,290    
2 children $10,560 $2,840 $7,720    
3 children $15,840 $5,550 $10,290    
4 Children $20,216 $7,356 $12,860    
5 children $25,270 $11,410 $13,860    


Elementary School Tuition for Non-Parishioners

Non-Parishioner/Inactive Tuition (per child)

  Total Cost of Education
per child
 Kindergarten-Grade 8  $5,280    

Tuition Assistance

Families meeting the definition of a St. Jude Parishioner, with children enrolled in grades K through 8, may apply for tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance monies are offered through St. Jude and other various Diocesan and private programs.  To apply for assistance, complete an application through FACTS Grand & aid online at . Contact the parish business office, 484-6609, if you have any questions.

Payment of Tuition

Payment may be made in full by July 14, 2017 with a 2% discount.

Payment may be made semi-annually (September & February); quarterly (September, November, February, and May); or monthly (September through June).  All installments will be made through the FACTS Tuition Management Program.


What is an “Active Parishioner”?

An active, contributing parishioner is defined (in the Parent/Student Handbook) as a person who:
a.  is a registered member of St. Jude Parish at the time of applying for school admission
b. regularly contributes to St. Jude Parish by the use of the Sunday offering envelopes
c. regularly attends Sunday Mass at St. Jude Church

FACTS Tuition Management


To access information regarding your FACTS tuition account, please Click Here!

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