Services & Support Groups

Services & Support Groups





Athletic Committee


School Board:

  • School Board meetings are the second Monday of the month
    in the Parish Center. Board members may be called at any time
    with suggestions or concerns.

  • President – Tony Patrick
  • Vice President – Cyndi Kelly
  • Secretary – Tom Schriner
  • Parish – Carrie Heck, Jessica Segyde, Andrea Weadock, Tesa Helge, Jeff Robertson
  • HASA Reps – Christine Nix
  • Athletic Comm. – Kirsten Reeves
  • Faculty Rep – Sarah Yaggy
  • Communications & Stewardship – Heather Cisz
  • Principal – Mr. Mike Obergfell
  • Pastor – Father Jake Runyon

After School Care

  • The YMCA is the provider of our after school care program.
    Children age 3 through Grade 8 are eligible. This program runs from 2:45pm to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday in the St. Jude Catholic Church basement. You may register your child here for more information.

School Counselor

  • On-site counseling is available at no charge to students and families.  This service may address the many needs of a student, including but not limited to, helping students in the following areas:  to understand their abilities and limitations, to adjust to a new school, to find alternatives to their concerns, to learn to make decisions, to develop skills in getting along with others, to achieve more in school.

    Teachers use counseling services to understand and meet individual student’s needs.  Classroom guidance is also provided in the area of self-understanding, decision-making, and coping skills.  Finding resources or special help for students is also a service of the counselor.

    Our school counselor is Nancy Howe.

Resource Room

The Resource Room is fully stocked with resources and materials for all subjects and all grade levels including a Smart Board, 4 student computers, iPads and a large library of guided reading books. The Resource Room staff provides the following services:

  • Tutoring for individuals and small groups in all subject areas, usually focusing on reading and math.  Tutoring can be short-term or ongoing, depending on student needs.  Tutoring can take place in the Resource Room or in the classrooms. Tutoring can be provided if a child has an Individual Education Plan, has been identified as needing extra help by any type of testing, or has been recommended by their classroom teacher.
  • Testing for all students in grades K-3 in reading to identify students who may need extra help.
  • Progress monitoring in reading for students who are not performing at grade level.
  • Tutoring and progress monitoring in math and reading via a computer-based, research-based program called SuccessMaker.
  • Testing of students who have English as a second language to monitor English language proficiency.
  • Coordinating support services provided to St. Jude students by the local public school.  These services include speech therapy, full educational testing, and a special education consultant teacher.

Speech Therapy

  • Speech therapy is available at St. Jude Catholic School through a speech therapist provided by the local public school district.   Referrals for testing can be made by teachers or parents.

Learning Resources 

  • Mediation and Learning Skills Resources are available on-site.  An instructor or tutor can work with students needing additional guidance in any curriculum area.  Special needs testing is performed through the local public school district.